An Accounting Firm Built Around the Needs of its Clients

Osler Associates is an accounting firm whose capabilities, services and pricing is based around the needs of its clients rather than those of its owners. Our people have a wide range of skill and experience levels which makes it possible to send over a person who is well-qualified but not overqualified for your work. We work as a team with your internal accounting staff and with the CPA firm that reviews your financial statements and prepares your tax returns to ensure that every job is done by the team member who can do it best at the lowest cost. We also provide custom reports and other tools that can help you maximize your profits, help you implement business software and methods that will save time and money, and collect debts and provide support for lawsuits.

Tom Osler, Founder of Osler Associates, is committed to your success. Tom graduated Cum Laude from Bentley College, the renowned accounting school, with a BS in Accountancy. He has 15 years experience in accounting, financial analysis and business systems strengths with Cambridge Soundworks, Dragon Systems, jBASE Software International, and HubX (now Synxis / Sabre) and other companies. Tom listens carefully to the needs and day-to-day requirements of his clients, which range from growing tech-focused enterprises to mom-and-pop startups. Based on your particular business needs, he will create a custom, tailored approach to help you manage your business more effectively. Your business issues become his issues. He will work on your behalf to reduce costs, increase cash flow, and provide timely and accurate reporting.

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